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Nitrile Gloves Hi Visibility Yellow 

Item 5255-4497 
Category Nitrile Gloves 
Unit 12PAIR 
List Price 47.85 



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Product Information 
Work Gloves 

Product Description 

Omberra Work Gloves
Hi-Visibility Nitrile Work Gloves
Omberra Hi-Visibility Nitrile gloves have a florescent yellow polyester backing with micro foam nitrile dipped palms. These gloves are useful in both wet and dry environments. These florescent yellow polyester work gloves have micro foam nitrile on the glove palms. Nitrile helps the glove to grip and provides a layer of protection. The polyester helps your hands say cool while you work. These gloves are useful in both wet and dry environments, providing comfort, dexterity and versatility.


  • Chemical Resistant Gloves
  • Water Resistant Gloves


  • Excellent all-purpose work glove for applications.
  • Polyester liner keeps users hands at peak conditions for cold weather and warm weather.
  • Nitrile synthetic rubber that allows for grease and oil resistance.
  • Improved rough grip allows for optimal tool usage.

Applications: Construction, Farm And Ranch, Manufacturing Assembly, Recreational

Sold in packs of 12 pairs of gloves.

TEKOA Supply Co. 
Nitrile Gloves Hi Visibility Yellow

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