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Heavy Duty Commercial Use Spray Bottles 12 Pack 

Item 9724-66446 
Category Janitorial Supplies 
Unit 12PACK 
List Price 49.98 



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16oz Bottle 
24oz Bottle 
32oz Bottle 



Product Information 
Janitorial Supplies 
Heavy Duty 

Product Description 

Chemical Resistant Spray Bottles

High quality and efficiency spray bottles for holding and spraying cleaning products.

Bottle size Options: 16oz, 24oz, 32oz

* Adjustable nozzle mist or jet
* 1.4ml Per Stroke
* Higher output than standard sprayers
* Includes oz/ml graduation markings
* Grip trigger for comfort and easy use
* FKM O-ring and piston
* HDPE polypropylene bottle

This product is sold in a package of 12 bottles with sprayers.

TEKOA Supply Co. 
Heavy Duty Commercial Use Spray Bottles 12 Pack

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