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Viking Ultimate Firewall Fire Rescue Boots 

Item 0330-VW88T 
Category Fire Fighting Gear 
Unit PAIR 
List Price 159.95 



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Product Information 
Fire Fighting Gear 
Oil Resistant 
Heavy Duty 

Product Description 

Viking Ultimate Firewall Fire And Rescue Boots

16", Lug Sole, Snug Fit - CSA Z195-14/ASTM F2413-11 Grade # 1 Steel Toe & Plate; ESR 18KV; CGSB 155.20 Hydrocarbon Flash Fire Protection

* Meets CGSB 155.20 Hydrocarbon Flash Fire protection; Thermal Protection (TPP) TPP with the spacer 43.7 cal/cm² & TPP without the spacer 41.4 cal/cm²
* CSA Z195-09 / ASTM F2413-11 Class #1 Steel toe and plate
* CSA Omega - Electric Shock Resistant 18kV
* Chainsaw Cut Protection Class 2 (24m/sec chainsaw speed)
* Made of natural butadinel Rubber (NBR) for maximum chemical protection
* Circular saw cut resistance (9 seconds)
* Reinforced achilles protection
* Snug fit design to reduce foot fatique and ankle rollover
* Slip resistant sole resistant to 3000C/ 527°F hot contact
* Ankle patch for ankle protection with heat insulation
* Cement, fuel, & oil resistant
* Fire retardant upper provides flame and thermal protection
* Compatible with ice studs
* 16" Tall height
* Kick off spur

Oil and Gas Industry
Wildfire forest workers
Offshore Oil platforms
Heavy duty welders
Well Drilling and Drillships
Bitumen work
Cement and rebar construction
Electrical hazards with wet condition / water exposure

For workers that need ultimate protection in their work boots while working in hazardous job sites that contain dangerous petro chemicals, hot oils, industrial gas or potential hydro carbon flash fire

TEKOA Supply Co. 
Viking Ultimate Firewall Fire Rescue Boots

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