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Pot Shot Commercial Dish Washing Concentrate 

Item 0123-0330-1 
Category Restaurant Supply 
Unit GAL 
List Price 10.32 



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Cleaning Products 
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Product Description 

ALCO Pot Shot Manual Dish Washing Detergent

Pot Shot is a highly concentrated, liquid pot and pan soap that is mild and non-irritating to your skin. Pot Shot works great on the toughest baked on food and grease. Contains grease cutting components and produces rich suds to get the toughest tasks done.

Commercial Kitchens
Care Facility Kitchens

* Highly concentrated
* Works in hard or soft water
* Effective in hot or cold water
* Mild on hands
* Contains degreasing components
* Biodegradable

Pot Shot is intended for use in the first bay of the 3 compartment sink system. If equipment with a dispenser, insert feed line directly into shipping container. If dispensing via oz. o matic pump follow directions below.

1. Pump Pot Shot into first bay of 3 compartment sink using provided oz. o matic pump. Based on sink size, pump the number of pumps written on your 3 sink poster.

2. Fill 3 compartment sink to provided fill line with hot water. Turn water on high to agitate product to produce suds.

3. Drain and repeat when solution becomes heavily soiled.

After washing: rinse, sanitize, and air dry.

Appearance: Thick pink liquid
Odor: Berry
Specific gravity: 1.1
PH: 7-8
Biodegradable: Yes
Detergency: Excellent

Light Duty: 1 ounce per 10-12 gal.
Normal Use: 1 ounce per 3-5 gal.
Extra Heavy Duty: Increase as needed

TEKOA Supply Co. 
Pot Shot Commercial Dish Washing Concentrate

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