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 TEKOA Supply Co. Special Items

 Special Items

Open Road Hi-Vis Hooded Safety Jacket Rain Wear

Unit: EACH

Regular Price: 52.95

Your Price: $48.53


Economical Commercial Trash Can Liners 4-10 GAL

Unit: CASE-2000

Regular Price: 41.69

Your Price: $35.73


Wilderness Security All Weather Case - Small

Unit: EACH

Regular Price: 75.27

Your Price: $64.52


Security Antibacterial Hand Soap

Unit: GAL

Regular Price: 17.69

Your Price: $16.79


Viking Neoprene Insulated Safety Boots

Unit: PAIR

Regular Price: 106.95

Your Price: $86.43


Grime Buster Degreaser Emulsifier Portion Packs

Unit: 50PACK

Regular Price: 74.23

Your Price: $69.43


ArcticLite ThermoMaxx Work Jacket

Unit: EACH

Regular Price: 67.95

Your Price: $59.66


Super Pan Stainless Steel Table Pans - Small

Unit: 3PACK

Regular Price: 66.95

Your Price: $59.83


Open Road Light Industrial Long Coat

Unit: EACH

Regular Price: 31.93

Your Price: 29.37


Elements Waterproof Rain Jacket Red

Unit: EACH

Regular Price: 70.78

Your Price: 58.34


Warehouse Location Magnetic Label Holder

Unit: 50PACK

Regular Price: 85.91

Your Price: 73.64


Soft Shell Water Repellent Rain Jacket

Unit: EACH

Regular Price: 81.95

Your Price: 72.35


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