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 TEKOA Supply Co. Special Items

 Special Items

Open Road Surveyor Safety Vest Orange

Unit: EACH

Regular Price: 36.95

Your Price: $24.36


Journeyman Heavy Duty Rain Gear Bib Pants

Unit: EACH

Regular Price: 58.30

Your Price: $49.78


Hi-Visibility Safety Gear Vest Green

Unit: EACH

Regular Price: 14.95

Your Price: $12.47


Vi-brance Delux Safety Vest With Pockets

Unit: EACH

Regular Price: 91.95

Your Price: $79.50


Heavy Duty Half Size Sheet Pans

Unit: 3PACK

Regular Price: 66.82

Your Price: $59.66


Tear Away Fire Resistant Class 2 Safety Vest

Unit: EACH

Regular Price: 25.95

Your Price: $22.64


Work Gloves Jersey Cotton Knit

Unit: 12PAIR

Regular Price: 17.85

Your Price: $15.71


Handyman Heavy Duty Rain Suit

Unit: EACH

Regular Price: 34.50

Your Price: $31.82


Wipe Away Grease Fighting Pot and Pan Detergent

Unit: GAL

Regular Price: 17.7

Your Price: 16.8


Journeyman Heavy Duty Rain Gear Bib Pants

Unit: EACH

Regular Price: 69.95

Your Price: 59.13


Journeyman Insulated Class 1 Fire Resistant Parka

Unit: EACH

Regular Price: 159.95

Your Price: 141.3


Folding Platform Truck 400lb Capacity

Unit: EACH

Regular Price: 84.95

Your Price: 75.42


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